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Energy Services

Therma Corporation’s Energy Services reaches out to those seeking self-funding solutions to reduce energy consumption in their facilities. Lower your energy consumption and bills – call us to make an appointment for a no-fee consultation.
Commercial Office
Research & Development
Data Centers
Private Schools & Colleges
Energy Savings Deliverables
Utility bill and rate schedule analysis for the past 12-24 months
Verification of building square footage
Confirmation of space usage and hours of operation
Differentiation of comfort versus process applications
Identification of HVAC design, size, and age
Classification of lighting technology in building
Categorization of current control system
Operational cost pie chart: energy, maintenance, and repair
Energy utilization report; comparative gas and electric benchmarking
Utility rebate and incentive eligibility
Solution-based proposal

For more information on Energy Services, click here to download the PDF, Energy Services Brochure, or Contact Us Today.

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